Interim Management Defined


Interim Management is the use of senior, professional directors and managers on a fee and fixed term basis to achieve specific objectives. Interim Managers (or Interims) operate at high impact levels and are sensibly over-qualified for an assignment. They are equipped to bring a wealth of experience and skills to bear in order to deliver prompt results.

Interims are typically required urgently, for short- and medium-term high impact roles. And by assuming the roles of consultancy and project management, they are able to ensure seamless delivery and full accountability.Interims operate on a freelance basis, and are either self-employed or work through their own companies. They are not temporary employees, but rather professionals in business for themselves, with all the risks and rewards that implies. They are responsible for their own leave arrangements, pension, health insurance etc, and normally carry professional indemnity insurance.Most Interims work alone, so what makes Forty-Two Interim Management Solutions unique is that it has two Interim Managers who are supported by a team of professionals. The team includes project and marketing managers, administration assistants and accountants all of whom have particular skill sets and experience. With headquarters in Cape Town Forty-Two Interim Management Solutions is a tightly-knit, hard-working, fun-loving group who respect each other’s talents and are dedicated to the successful turn around of their client’s business. With a team like this in support the Interims are able to move more quickly onto projects and effect a faster result.

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