Value Proposition


There are several factors that make the Interim Management offering increasingly popular and cost-effective:


As Interim Managers we add value by using our skills and expertise to help deliver an outcome, solution or service. We also mitigate risk by providing a meaningful ‘Return On Investment’ for our clients. We earn our fee on the understanding that goals are reached and objectives delivered... and not simply on the basis of attendance.


Forty-Two Interim Management Solutions can be in place within days as opposed to weeks or months, which is essential when time constraints are paramount. Experienced at engaging quickly with different situations, we are effective almost immediately and able to conduct assignments fast and efficiently.


Interims typically operate at a senior level in the client organisation, and are usually over-qualified for the roles we take on. We bring with us skills and knowledge that is often lacking, and use them to address a specific skills gap or challenge. Our broader expertise at Forty-Two Interim Management Solutions enables us to make a noticeable impact from the outset, maximising the likelihood of success.


Unencumbered by company politics or culture, Interims provide a fresh perspective and are able to concentrate on what's best for the business. Being independent operators, we can contribute honestly, without fear of reprisal or constituting a threat to the incumbent management team.


Rather than taking on a purely advisory role, Interims take responsibility for and manage a business or project in our own right. We expect to be held accountable for results and, by being instrumental in an assignment’s successful delivery, we offer clients peace of mind. With Forty-Two Interim Management Solutions our clients always rest assured knowing that stewardship of their project is in capable hands.


Operating at, or near, board-level gives Interims the authority and credibility to effect significant change within a company. Unlike a ‘temp’, we are not just there to simply ‘hold the fort.’ We enthusiastically add value to the client organisation as a result of our expertise and approach, especially when there are difficult decisions to be made.


As Interim Managers we maintain high professional standards because our future business relies on referrals and a successful track record. So we have a very real stake in the success of the assignments we take on. This is in stark contrast to other ‘temporary employees’ who often have hidden agendas, such as wanting to be permanently employed, being motivated by a day rate or the possibility of a long-term bonus.

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