Andrew Rissik


Andrew is entrepreneurial and pro-active with a strong drive and keen business mind. He approaches each assignment with an energetically positive outlook that frequently inspires others. He quickly gets to grips with a challenge and has the knack of choosing the right team players to assist him in reaching his objectives. Wherever he works Andrew engenders a positive and productive environment where performance and humour co-exist. Developing a successful team is what makes him strong and frees him up to focus squarely on the challenges at hand. Andrew is a decision maker who values input from trusted team players. He enjoys working in an environment of mutual respect where everyone is clear about his or her responsibilities.


Andrew has worked in both South Africa and abroad since graduating in 1989 and his experience includes:

arrow The motor industry in South Africa and UK
arrow The aviation industry in Europe, UK and the Netherlands.
arrow Facilities Management
arrow Start-up businesses
arrow Telecommunications & IT
arrow Property management and development
arrow Financial Services – Forex


arrow Civil Engineering (University of Stellenbosch) – 1985 – 1986
arrow Bachelor of Economics (University of Stellenbosch) - 1989



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